Lydia Lunch & Big Sexy Noise | 02/06/19 VIB

Lydia Lunch, kultna pjevačica, pjesnikinja i glumica, vraća se u Zagreb nakon 7 godina sa svojim bendom Big Sexy Noise (J. Johnston, I. White) s kojima obilježava 10 godina od s/t albuma prvijenca.

NEDJELJA 02.06.2019 | Regular John presents: Lydia Lunch & Big Sexy Noise @VIB | Vrata: 20:00 h I Koncert: 21:30 h | Karte: 50/70kn | Pretprodaja: VIB / Grif / DOS


Nakon prošlog koncerta, mediji su ju prozvali najsnažnijom ženom na pozorinici uživo, a kako i ne bi, kad je zanat kovala uz Nicka Cavea, Thurstona Moorea, Kim Gordon, Marca Almonda, Einsturzende Neubatuen, Henrya Rollinsa i mnogih drugih. Iza sebe ima jako puno izzdanja, od glazbenih, do spisateljskih, glumačkih… provjerite na dnu teksta.

Karijera Lydie Lunch započela je sredinom 70-ih u New Yorku tijekom trajanja kratke, ali utjecajne umjetničke No Wave scene. Tada osniva svoj prvi bend Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. Krajem 70-ih paralelno s glazbenom započinje i filmsku karijeru, ali pravi, ozbiljan korak u glazbi počinje pokretanjem svog labela Widowspeak koji je objavljivao njezine brojne radove – od glazbe dospoken word projekata.


“An uncharacteristically classy and unreservedly enjoyable album” ****
Stewart Lee/Sunday Times

“What a lovely way to burn” ***
Gavin Martin/Daily Mirror

“For those who thought Nick Cave’s raucous Grinderman project didn’t go nearly far enough, this is for you”
Thomas H Green/

“Beautiful filth, brutal blues, very big sexy noise, got it bad…”

“This is impatient, no-nonsense music”
Clive Bell/The Wire

“Slatherings of sleazy organ, sexy duets and pounding drums make this a greasy delight that will shake your hips and put an uneasy grin on your face” – Kate Hodges/Bizarre Magazine



Queen of Siam (1980)
13.13 (1981)
Honeymoon in Red (1987)
Unearthly Delights (1992)
Twisted (1992)
Matrikamantra (1997)
Smoke in the Shadows (2004)
Retrovirus (live, 2013)
Urge to Kill (as Lydia Lunch Retrovirus) (2015)
Drunk on the Pope’s Blood/The Agony Is the Ecstacy EP (split with the Birthday Party, 1982)
In Limbo EP (1984)
Willing Victim (The Audience as Whipping Boy) (video album – live in Graz, Austria, 2004)

Pre Teenage Jesus and the Jerks EP (1979)
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks (1979)
Everything (1995)
Shut Up and Bleed (2008)
No New York (1978)

“Try Me” (1979)

8-Eyed Spy (1981; reissued as Luncheone in 1995)
Live (1981)

Naked in Garden Hills (1987)

Big Sexy Noise (2009)
Trust the Witch (2011)

Some Velvet Morning with Rowland S. Howard (EP, 1982)
The Drowning of Lucy Hamilton with Lucy Hamilton (EP, 1985)
Heart of Darkness with No Trend (EP, 1985)
The Crumb with Thurston Moore (EP, 1987)
Stinkfist with Clint Ruin (EP, 1987)
Don’t Fear the Reaper with Clint Ruin (EP, 1991)
Shotgun Wedding with Rowland S. Howard (1991)
Transmutation + Shotgun Wedding Live in Siberia with Rowland S. Howard (1994)
The Desperate Ones with Glyn Styler (EP, 1997)
Champagne, Cocaïne & Nicotine Stains with Anubian Lights (EP, 2002)
Omar Rodriguez Lopez & Lydia Lunch with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (EP, 2007)
U Turn with Minox (EP, 2008)
Lydia Lunch and Philippe Petit – (2011)
A Fistful of Desert Blues with Cypress Grove (2014)
Twin Horses with Cypress Grove (2014) a split album with Spiritual Front
Under The Covers with Cypress Grove (2017).

Off White, James White and the Blacks (1979)
Der Karibische Western, Die Haut (EP, 1982)
Thirsty Animal, Einstürzende Neubauten (EP, 1982)
“Boy-Girl”, Sort Sol ( 1983)
Dagger & Guitar, Sort Sol (1983)
“Death Valley ’69”, Sonic Youth (1984)
A Dozen Dead Roses, No Trend (LP, 1985)
Death Valley ’69, Sonic Youth (EP, 1986)
King of the Jews, Oxbow (1991)
13 Above the Night, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (LP, 1993)
Dirty Little Secrets: Music to Strip By, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (LP, 1999)
Head On, Die Haut (1992)
Sweat, Die Haut (1992)
Unhealthy, Lab Report (1994)
York, The Foetus Symphony Orchestra (1997)
Brooklyn Bank, Here (1998)
OperettAmorale (compilation tribute album to Bertolt Brecht, 2005)
The Impossibility of Silence, Black Sun Productions (2006)
Ankitoner Metamars, Ankitoner Metamars (2007)
We Are Only Riders, The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project (2010)
The Journey Is Long, The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project (2012)
Axels & Sockets, The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project (2014)
Synthetic Love Dream, David Lackner (2014)
Trouble In Paradise, Drrty Pharms (2017)

Better An Old Demon Than A New God, Giorno Poetry Systems comp. feat. William S. Burroughs, Psychic TV, Richard Hell and others (1984)
The Uncensored, solo (1984)
Hard Rock, solo (split cassette w. Michael Gira / Ecstatic Peace, 1984)
Oral Fixation, solo (12″, 1988)
Our Fathers who Aren’t in Heaven, w. Henry Rollins, Hubert Selby Jr. and Don Bajema (1990)
Conspiracy of Women, solo (1990)
South of Your Border, w. Emilio Cubeiro (1991)
POW, solo (1992)
Crimes Against Nature, solo spoken-word anthology (Tripple X/Atavistic, 1994)
Rude Hieroglyphics, w. Exene Cervenka (Rykodisc, 1995)
Universal Infiltrators, (Atavistic, 1996)
Kicks Joy Darkness, feat. Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac’s work performed by other various artists (1997)
The Devil’s Racetrack (2000)
Flood Stains, w. Juan Azulay (2010)
Medusa’s Bed, w. Zahra Mani & Mia Zabelka (2013)


She Had Her Gun All Ready: Directed by Vivienne Dick (1978)
Guerillere Talks: Directed by Vivienne Dick (1978)
Rome ’78: Directed by James Nares (1978)[34] Black Box: Directed by Scott B and Beth B (1978)
Beauty Becomes the Beast: Directed by Vivienne Dick (1979)
The Offenders (1979–1980): Directed by Scott B and Beth B
Liberty’s Booty (1980)
Subway Riders: Directed by Amos Poe (1981)
The Wild World of Lydia Lunch: Directed by Nick Zedd (1983)
Like Dawn to Dust: Directed by Vivienne Dick (1983)
Vortex: Directed by Scott and Beth B (1983)
Submit to Me: Directed by Richard Kern (1985)
The Right Side of My Brain: Directed by Richard Kern (1985)
Fingered: Directed by Richard Kern (1986)
Hardcore Extended: Richard Kern (includes all movies of R. Kern with L. Lunch) (DVD / Le Chat qui Fume, 2008)
Mondo New York (1987)
Invisible Thread: Directed by Bob Balaban (1987)[35] Penn & Teller’s BBQ Death Squad (198?)
Penn & Teller’s Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends (1990)
Kiss Napoleon Goodbye: Directed by Babeth vanLoo (1990)
The Road to God Knows Where: Directed by Uli M. Schüppel (1990)[36] Thanatopsis: Directed by Beth B (1991)
Visiting Desire: Directed by Beth B (1996)[37] Power of the Word (1996)
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things: Directed by Asia Argento (2004)[38] Kill Your Idols: Directed by Scott Crary, also known as S.A. Crary (2004)[39] Psychomentsrum (unreleased)
Godkiller: Walk Among Us (2010): Voice role
Mutantes: punk, porn, feminism: Directed by Virginie Despentes (2011)
Autoluminescent: Directed by Richard Lowenstein (2011)
Blank City: Directed by Celine Danhier (2012)[40]

The Right Side of My Brain (1985)
Fingered (1986)

The Offenders (1980)
Vortex (1983) (with John Lurie, Adele Bertei, Pat Place, Beth B and Scott B)
The Right Side of My Brain (1985)
Goodbye 42nd Street (1986)
Fingered (1986)
I Pass for Human (2004)
Flood stains (2010)
Disturbtion (2015)

The Wild World of Lydia Lunch (1983)
Penn & Teller’s Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends (1987)
Put More Blood into the Music (1987)
The Gun is Loaded (1988–1989)
The Road to God Knows Where (1990)
Malicious Intent (1990)
The Thunder (1992)
Totem of the Depraved (1996)
Paradoxia (1998)
Lady Lazarus: Confronting Lydia Lunch (2000)
Kiss My Grits: The Herstory of Women in Punk and Hard Rock (2001)
DIY or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist (2002)
Kill Your Idols (2004)

American Fame Part 1: Drowning River Phoenix, dir. Cam Archer (2004)
American Fame Part 2: Forgetting Jonathan Brandis, dir. Cam Archer (2005)
Wild Tigers I Have Known, (Scenes Deleted), dir. Cam Archer (2006)

South of Your Border (1988)
Smell of Guilt (1990)

“Adulterers Anonymous ” (1982 with Exene Cervenka)
AS-FIX-E-8 (1990 with Mike Matthews)
Bloodsucker (1992 with Bob Fingerman)
Incriminating Evidence Last Gasp, 1992
Adulterers Anonymous Last Gasp, 1996
Toxic Gumbo (1998 with Ted McKeever)
Paradoxia: A Predator’s Diary Creation Books, 1999
The Gun is Loaded Black Dog Publishing London UK, 2007
Will Work for Drugs Akashic, 2009
The Need to Feed: Recipes for Developing a Healthy Obsession with Deeply Satisfying Foods RCS MediaGroup Universe imprint, 2012

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